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From the United States San Francisco fashion brand nike, into the army 5 years quickly became the new darling of the fashion industry. The nike I was not only the US fashion magazine “GQ” as “the nation’s best cutting-edge men’s designer”, with simple and exquisite design,nike air max plus pink, but also by Kanye West, Justin Bieber and other Red Star with the support and cooperation with the GAP launch series Into the civilian market. The brand launched a total of 10 quarterly series over the past five years, beginning with a comfortable sports style, adding precise tailoring, rich levels of matching and details of scheduling, fully demonstrated nike simple contemporary fashion insights, we can see it in the streets Popular is not without reason. Nike Nike more recently launched with the series, now it is definitely a rising star in the fashion industry. HYPEBEAST this time even more invited to nike himself, by himself to share with us this 5 years story. nike: The original idea was to solve a problem in your wardrobe. Actually, I have been in this business for decades and have always wanted to develop my own brand series. At that time, there was exactly one fund I thought could be used to “take this insurance.” I came to find my best friend to work together for I create a brand myself, and I started to build a basic apparel line. The concept of this brand is no brand. We wanted to provide some of the most malleable clothes for modern men around the world through the simplest design. So we try hard to find the best materials and craftsmanship, and use the best equipment we can find to produce, hoping to create high-quality clothing that will never be outdated. Nike’s design concept is inspired by his own experience, which can be my experience running in Vietnam, it can be my skateboarding time in San Francisco grew up, or when in high school to participate in basketball games memories. Some concepts come from some fantasies. For example, the inspiration in the “Watch Water” series is when I was wondering what it was like to own a yacht and then to start creating a very idealized wardrobe for living in the sea. I do not like to add unnecessary elements to the design, either visually or in purpose. On this basis, you can then add functional details or fashionable new materials and design details. In terms of process, I think these details are where you show creativity. I always like to look for different textures, different materials and structures will produce different texture effects, and it may lead you to a new direction. Garments wear out over time and use, but they also grow somewhat, all of which designers need to take into account. I do not like to add unnecessary elements to the design, either visually or in purpose.