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This seems to indicate a dramatic change: on the one hand, with Nike foundries and reseller model in China conquests war, has completed a stage task, is about to open the Nike must be personally pitched battle. On the other hand, the Chinese market is already in the pipeline to complete the transition – foundry costs, rent, labor and other costs, the first-line marketing into the bottleneck, three, four-line market potential to be tapped. Has been praised Nike with a “virtual operation” light company model, focusing on brand and design, expand charming “smile curve”, tried to carry emotional marketing, bon voyage sailing, but for now, at least in China, the situation has changed .

“Smile curve” Nike is not unexpected worries, but potential long. Let’s look at one of the well-known Nike myth: Invisible in America than the Nike headquarters in Beaverton, Oregon City, four-story in a pair of shoes, the employees are busy only do two things, one thing is to build a global marketing network Another thing is to manage its worldwide company. Do not have their own production, Nike created a worldwide business empire. A pair of Nike shoes, producers can only get a few cents of revenue, by virtue of its global sales, Nike was able to get dozens or even hundreds of dollars in profits.