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“JUST DO IT!” Nike this deeply rooted slogan has been infected generation after generation of consumers. This home in the Kingdom of footwear for many years, and has occupied the strongest position of the company, but recently caught in the storm. June 15, Nike announced that it will cut about 2% of the global manpower, and cut its brand of 1/4 shoes, the purpose is to transfer to the electricity business channel. It is estimated that the layoffs will involve more than 1,400 employees. cheap air max bulk,Affected by the news, Nike closed down 3.22 percent the day, at $ 52.9. Then the next day, has been optimistic about the performance of Wall Street, the famous investment bank JP Morgan JP Morgan published research report, lowered the evaluation of Nike’s stock price, Nike shares fell again 3.3%, the closing price of 51.19 US dollars offer. Layoffs, downgrade, stock plunged … … once occupied the streets of Nike, began to enter and other large companies like the bottleneck of it? According to the plan called “Consumer Direct Offense”, Nike plans to reduce its business unit from six to North America, Europe, the Middle East and Africa, Greater China, Asia Pacific and Latin America four business units The In addition, Nike plans to focus its operations on 12 major cities in 10 countries, and by 2020, the performance of these regions is expected to contribute 80% of the company’s growth. Nike also announced the addition of “consumer direct response” sector. The main task of the department is to promote the Nike brand in the online media, and more direct dialogue with customers, access to more timely and rapid market feedback. Nike cut off 25% of the models, will increase the proportion of online sales, reduce the flow of physical stores, and in the future design of new models will be more directly absorb the views of consumers. Nike Group large-scale layoffs in recent years is rare. In 2009, the group laid off 1750 people, but then with the sporting goods industry performance gradually stabilized, its global staff has doubled. Since 2008, Nike has always occupied the international sports brand leading position, but the rival Adidas continue to catch up, has accounted for 45% of the share of footwear market share. In addition, Under Armor, Skechers, Puma and other brands also showed a good momentum. Especially throughout the year 2016, Nike has experienced 12 consecutive months, more than 30% of the stock price fell, the North American market futures orders for four consecutive quarters of slowdown. Adidas revenue in 2016 reached a record 192.91 billion euros, up 14.0%; continued operating profit of 1.019 billion euros, an increase of 41.5%. March 21, 2017, Nike released the third quarter earnings in 2017 fiscal year, although the company’s revenue rose 5% to $ 8.432 billion, net profit rose 20%, but has not yet achieved Nike’s own $ 8.47 billion target Bottom line. In the third quarter results announced the same day, Nike shares fell 7.2%.
Therefore, Nike CEO Mark Parker in March of this year’s performance conference, made an ambitious “three pairs of plans.” Parker said, Nike will change the concept of operation, to adapt to the latest trend of fashion sports brand, and will re-adjust the company’s resources, focus on three areas: innovation, supply chain and customer experience. The layoffs are only part of a long-term plan for Nike to seek performance recovery. Footwear experts Wang Yong said: “The stock price decline and performance slowdown for the staff and structural reorganization have a certain impact, may be a fuse, but this may be a long time planning for Nike.” According to him from the Nike supplier Understand the situation, the media began to report their automation pipeline equipment to strengthen the use of 3D print to create personalized custom sports shoes, etc., these actions have been carried out, similar to the layoffs of the major decisions are not made in a short time.