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Parker always kind of competition blow. Legendary sports brand in the field of analytical Winning Nike Nike is the world’s first sports brand, especially in the global athletic footwear market share as high as 30 percent, is worthy of leading enterprises. Company development has only 40 years of history, products covered sports shoes, sportswear and sports equipment three categories. The company uses asset-light business model, through product development and brand marketing with both hands growing. 2011, except in the world with more than 700 self-stores, the company more than 80% of sales from the wholesale model. 2011 sales revenue and net profit was $ 20.9 billion and $ 2.1 billion, of which the proportion of sales in the United States more than 40%.

Nike visit the New York securities in 1980, in the subsequent 30 years, long the company’s performance and share price showed a momentum of sustained and rapid growth, as investors huge profits. According to available data are available, 1984 – – 2011 company shares rose nearly 314 times, far more than the same period the S & P 500 index of about 7.5-fold increase. From the company’s share price and results of operations of the correlation point of view, Nike 1984–2011 year operating income and net profit compound annual growth rates of 13% and 16%.