air max 95 grey junior

As we all know, Putian shoes at low prices counterfeit Nike, Adidas and other brand names, not small gains, some say the world’s 30% Nike, Adidas is Putian’s fake shoes, such as Nike, Adidas this patent-focused multinational corporations, Why Putian move their jobs cottage manufacturers indifferent? Why indulgence fake? For Nike Adi, fake is a free promotional materials,air max 95 grey junior, willing to buy genuine will not buy fakes, reluctant or can not afford Not to buy real goods, even without these high imitation shoes, he will not buy real Nike Adidas, but these high imitation shoes pretty many other than miscellaneous brands, these people can not afford to wear a temporary to Also found that it looks good, will also pay attention to these brands, until the ability to buy will naturally buy authentic. To tell you? Tell who? Production plant it? Putian to do high imitation shoes factories, small workshops tens of thousands, to pick a few reports? It should seize the first evidence, do this line, walk in the edge of the law It is not an easy task to seize the evidence. If Nike Adie devotes enormous manpower and resources, cooperates with industry and commerce, and grasps a modest factory, do you think they will do such a thing? Of course, puma shoes, open every year, have been arrested, caught the minimum penalty is 100,000, detained for 3 months, if the relationship is very hard , Then fine 36,000. Can open the mouth of so much, to catch the whole is not a big reality, sports law enforcement, law enforcement can only have an account of doing things only. This mainly by business to catch, because the case value is relatively low, generally do not need Nike Adi company dispatched, the main business process-based. The logic behind this operation and the reality of law enforcement, that is, the biggest reason why Putian fake shoes intensified! However, a brother still urge everyone, raise the brand is like raising children, is bit by bit hard-working, careful care and growth, and fake The big brand is the traffickers, see the light, no matter how good the total always is illegal discipline, also non-genuine.