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Story infection with runners more runners – Nike “ran to understand” Network interactive activities to stimulate more consumers to share their feelings run. Search to understand # # ran on the microblogging platform, you can understand the relevant information. Commercials “run” with related videos by Nike Greater China and the Hai Weike advertising (Wieden + Kennedy) work together to create. Directed by Knucklehead from the UK’s Siri Bunford. Siri had been a British Channel 4 “Kubrick” program, and the British aviation and many other brands outstanding commercial film director. Her victorious numerous, including the famous British D & AD Global Creative (Yellow Pencil) award.

Incyte Hi-Vis Football Nike will debut in Serie A winter Nike launched a new Incyte Hi-Vis soccer will be applied in the 2013-14 season,air max 90 shoe palace, Serie A and Italian Cup, the first race with the new ball will be in October Sampdoria 26 game against Atlanta. Incyte Hi-Vis Football Nike unique color a variety of colors such that it has a very high degree of visual identification, to ensure high-confrontational game player recognition of football. With a high level of innovative design and technology standards, Nike Incyte become the world’s best football, excellent sense of the intensity of the reaction and contacts, and make it much smoother flight players are welcome.