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Nike to establish a highly differentiated platform for enterprise platform strategy effective, the industry believes that the key is to combine their own advantages of resources, from the report of the three major roles in the choice of one of them in order to build their own differences Of the moat. The product and service access platform, so that platform users benefit from, this is a more common but want to do is not easy platform strategy. When the enterprise platform decided to do the access of products and services, because the target customers have diversified needs, so this enterprise not only need to innovate their products and services, also need to introduce other partners, the right products And services to the customer base you want to serve. “In recent years, sporting goods companies generally accelerate the pace of change, Nike has invested more than 710 million US dollars in a variety of fitness App on the face of accelerating changes in the market environment, in 2010, Nike has set up its marketing, research and development (Digital Sport) sector,cheap nike air max men,the transformation of the digital platform officially included in the headquarters of the Group’s development strategy, then, to Nike + Running this running App as the core, Nike has established its unique Of the Nike + community platform.The platform can record the user running distance, speed and GPS path and other detailed data, and through the platform within the ranking system and social systems,air max 90 purple women shoes so that friends can form interactive and mutual promotion.In addition to these Nike Of the movement product access platform initiatives, Nike also introduced a calorie units more scientific than the unit of measurement of energy NikeFuel, the Nike sports planning services access platform which not only that, Nike also with the incubator TechStars Cooperation, the use of external entrepreneurial team R & D results to make the Nike + community platform features become richer .This has a different layout, Nike + community platform “products and services accessor” positioning deeply rooted in Nike. In 2016, Nike in the “Fortune” list of the world’s top 500 ranked 343, ranking last year to enhance 82. As Nike CEO Mark Parker (Mark Parker) has said , Nike, the digital sports sector is essential. “Nike, the traditional sporting goods giant, through the access to high-quality products and services platform, so that its platform strategy has considerable differences in competitive advantage.Enterprise platform through With the platform of the product or service provider, different products and services will be combined, or integrate the needs of users to achieve personalized customization, but also enable the company’s platform strategy to achieve significant results.Yu Yi believes that as a “value integration Business platform, its role should be purely match the supply and demand sides, up to make the product or service providers and users to form a synergy between, and thus achieve both parties even multi-win-win situation.