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Nike recently announced plans to open a new 69,000-square-foot flagship store at the intersection of Fifth and West 52th Streets in Manhattan in early 2019 and the company’s now-on-street 57th Street Niketown will close in the spring of 2018. Nike said the new flagship store opened in 2019, one to four layers for the sale of various types of goods, provide a variety of services; cheap air max 95 white,basement is Hyperlive headquarters, Nike introduced a new concept of small retail. Nike in the new flagship concept, compared to ordinary consumers, NikePlus members can enjoy more services. For example, the fifth floor of the new flagship store is open to NikePlus members only, offering special and customized products. With the 2018 Russia World Cup Russia World Cup 32 teams and sub-group settled, the quadrennial Nike Nike and Adidas Adidas who will be the winner of the World Cup next year once again become a hot spot. The 2014 World Cup, the final win by the German team champion, and as the German team jersey sponsor Adidas naturally benefit a lot, but the German team won the heroic contribution to the only goals scored in the overtime Mario Götze Mario Policy, and Georgia policy is Nike sponsored star. After the German team won the social media Adidas and Nike, respectively, with the team and star publicity odd phase can not help but also reflect the current competition of the two world’s most famous sports brand reality. On Saturday, Adidas Group CEO Kasper Rorsted said the group’s eponymous brand is a leader in the soccer world and predicts that next year’s World Cup will greatly boost Adidas jersey sales. Adidas sponsored Spain, Germany and Argentina are considered the favorites to win the World Cup three hot spots, and this World Cup Adidas Jersey sponsorship team also 11 to exceed Nike-sponsored 10, following the 2014 World Cup finals for the first time in the final The team sponsored the number of lost to Nike, to re-take advantage. In fact, 2014 is also a turning point for Adidas Group. Since then, the company has become the best-performing group in the sportswear market in the past three years by virtue of Adidas’s retro sports shoes brand. The situation is obviously complicated and paradoxical, which shows that even in the World Cup “failure” or “win”, but the company’s performance may be exactly the opposite. Germany’s 2014 World Cup to win the key figure Gezer In 2013 to join the Bundesliga strong Bayern Munich, wearing a substantial Nike “check mark” logo T-shirt, appeared at the press conference even more highlights this contradiction. To Nike brand, for example, as of August 31, the first quarter of fiscal year 2018, the brand of 8.585 billion US dollars in revenue of 5.493 billion US dollars are from the footwear business, accounting for 64%, clothing business revenue 2.652 billion US dollars, accounting for Than 30.1%, less than half of footwear.

Although Adidas has always been ahead of the FIFA World Cup sponsorship, Almost all of Nike’s most prominent players in the world are Nike clients, including Cristiano Ronaldo Cristiano Ronaldo.