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Zhang said that the wearable device of Nike’s significance lies, it will completely change the mode of communication between the company and the user, air max 90 outlet,the sound of Nike’s way past, into a company and a global user in the same “community” living under scene. This will undoubtedly greatly increase the understanding of the Nike consumer opportunities, enhance the user viscosity.

And according to Parker’s statement, Nike + software platform and application of the ecosystem already has 30 million users, the future “I hope to increase this number to 100 million.”air max black, Preceding technology company executives said the current industry is a consensus that wearable device In fact, the ultimate goal is to apply big data, that is, through the analysis of user behavior in order to better understand the needs of users. “By selling smart shoes and wristbands can not earn much money, but the data behind it is the gold mine.”

But Nike is able to tap this treasure mine remains to be tested, said science and technology company executives, says Nike doubt on the ability of data management, “is likely to get a lot of data, but do not know how to deal with.” The requirement is still strong, including the flow of goods, only Nike LOGO, which also caused much discontent partners. “More importantly, on entering a new field, nike air max uk sale,the Nike may have found their own strength alone is difficult to get things to be perfect.” Aware of it, may make the two giants Nike and Apple’s future in this A field of cooperation becomes more closely.