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Back in time to 1982, that era has been 36 years ago, when the NBA was still the world of Converse, Nike is still just a small brand that has just progressed. At that time, Nike did not have any basketball superstar spokesperson, but the birth of a pair of shoes changed the course of history. It was the Air Force 1, and no one thought that the shoes that were born in 1982 could have been hot in the next 36 years. At that time, the air force was a pair of basketball shoes. He carried the Nike’s best cushioning unit, air nike air max black, The body’s leather material greatly improved his comfort. Nike also selected six players for the air force 1 joint endorsement (Moses Malone, Michael Cooper, Jamal Wilkes, Bobby Jones, Mitchell Thompson, and Calvin Knight. ) They are carefully selected defensive experts who have laced this basketball to the world. Classic posters, tough stance, Malone and his partners demonstrated the six key elements of AF1’s success: grandness, durability, transcendence, boldness, consistency and purity. The ir Force debuted on the debut, and Charles Barkley took the AF series to a whole new height, and then the VIA NCAA’s Michigan Five Tigers chose the AF Series as their own sneakers. AF1 became the representative of American college street basketball, and they have been fighting with academic basketball. In 2007, Nike re-selected the “Air Force six-man team.” Nike believes that six of them can perfectly inherit the spirit brought by their predecessors. So Kobe Bryant, LeBron James, and Amar. Meyer, Tony Parker, Rasheed Wallace and Vince Carter were selected as successors. They will not only limit the style of air force to the court, but also bring it into life. Today, Air force 1 can no longer be used as an actual basketball shoe, and it is now one of the world’s favorite trends. Grand, durable, transcendence, heroic, coherent and pure, these qualities are all infused into the Air Force 1 series. Each word is a technical level and requires real design and innovation to create outstanding performance. Now AF 1 represents the core of the Nike brand, it is the real soul of Nike.