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Earlier this year, Nike and NBA formally established a partnership, both sides focused on bringing innovation to the game.From the introduction of various versions of the jersey, Nike and the NBA have shaken the tradition, no longer rigidly adhere to the jersey home and away rotation system, each version of the design has a clear design goal: highlighting the league’s 30 team’s iconic element. Nike released the fourth version of the city version after launching the Union version, the classic color version and the theme version jerseys. nike air max 95 in white,These designs are used to pay tribute to fans – they pilgrimage to home stadium 41 times a year, using their passions to define the difference each team has. Nike NBA City Jersey contains the team’s deep insight and emotions, from each city’s stadium, stands and streets, a unique way to show each team and their city, expressed the moment for each club and Historical respect, but also made clear their future. The following is a few city jerseys this season a few details. Los Angeles Lakers Since 1960, the Lakers have nurtured countless celebrity players, each of whom has allowed the entire city to unite around the Zijin Army. Out of this consideration, the team will be the city version of shirt design as a “legend series”, to pay tribute to the team’s most famous players. Lakers legend Bryant – Bryant became the first Lakers City version jersey design inspiration source. This section of the jersey with Black Mamba pattern, the waistband at the Lakers number 24 printed. The jersey has 16 stars printed on its sides, symbolizing the Lakers ‘total 16 NBA titles so far, highlighting the Lakers’ splendid tradition. Global sports giant Nike in the North American market into a bitter struggle, long before the long digital transformation, followed by adidas pressing harder. Although the international market growth is still strong, but the North American market is still Nike’s largest single market, how to reverse the slowdown in domestic market growth, Nike can not be the first to sit on the throne of the overall situation.Lynx double 11 carnival has been lopsided, but Nike flagship store became the cat category in the history of the first single day turnover of 1 billion yuan business is still a memorable scenery. Achieve such impressive results in addition to benefiting from its huge size Nike, but also inseparable from its active embrace of the new retail strategy initiatives.In fact, rival Adidas in 2015 compared to the “new” strategy, compared to Nike in the face of new consumer scenarios become the mainstream and continue to highlight the self-personality as the representative of a new generation of consumer groups, the response to a little hesitation. Although, Nike is now under the new retail concept through the development of data intelligence and business scene integration, test the water smart stores, get through online and offline and other means trying to prove that they are still the world’s No. 1 sports company, but Nike in the North American market and international The performance of the market reproduce the ice and snow double day situation.