nike air max 97 ultra grey

Nike sports shoes, PS console, is the dream of many boys childhood. Today, Nike and SONY join forces to combine two dreams. Recently, PlayStation announced jointly with NBA star Paul George, Nike, co-created a PS theme basketball shoes – Nike PG-2 PlayStation Colorway. Naming can also be seen from the name of this one into the PS theme of Nike shoes, PS4 side buttons joined the key elements,nike air max 97 ultra grey, while the tongue joined the LED light PlayStation logo, supports three display modes, can be turned on and off, very Hyun Cool The left side of the shoes there are redemption of George George PS4 theme exchange code. In addition to the PS elements, the shoe itself uses the Nike ZOOM AIRBAG cushion, the bottom of the rubber outsole design, with better durability and multi-site adaptability.
Paul George said that when he was a kid once Christmas, his father bought him a PS2 console; and Nike sports shoes for a child he is a dream version of existence. Today, he finally got the chance to combine two of his favorite things to make a sneaker full of personality. Today is not the past! Chinese football has become a cornucopia Nike grab renewal is not qualified? The development of the Super League in recent years for all to see, from the Asia second-tier league to Asia’s first-class league spent less than 10 years, and since 2009, Super League jersey team was Nike Monopoly, as both parties Expiration of the time getting closer, the negotiations between Super-company and Nike also floated. Prior to this, it was reported that Nike has completed negotiations with the Super company, both parties will be renewed until 2019, and then there are still insiders released the 2018 season new jersey. However, things have not progressed as smoothly as previously reported, and it is learned that both sides have not reached an agreement on the renewal. The main obstacle to failure to reach an agreement is that as the cake grows bigger and bigger, many domestic and foreign sponsors want a piece of cake. Even some sponsors have privately contacted the club and want to squeeze through the activities of the club Out of a dominant Nike company, in order to share part of the benefits. In accordance with the regulations of the super company, in the choice of sponsors, 16 clubs also have the right to vote, and these clubs dissatisfaction with the design of Nike jersey is not a matter of a day or two days.