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Shoes fans may have experienced, in order to a pair of limited edition sneakers, anxiously waiting for the mood of SMS notification and kept in front of the shop line of long lines look. However, this experience may only exist after the memory of the. In November 2017, Nike finally started selling the long-awaited Nike x Virgil Abloh’s joint series “THE TEN”.nike air max ultra 90 white, Unlike the past, Nike will be in these ten pairs of shoes nine pairs (except Converse’s ChuckTaylor All-Star) starting on their own one called SNKRS sports shoes shopping application, according to different time for sale. This is not the first time Nike will limit the sale of sneakers from online stores to online shopping platform. SNKRS was launched in the United States on February 15, 2015, and December 8, 2017, the App officially launched in China. Compared with other apps in the Nike application family, SNKRS biggest feature is its shopping function – NikePlus members can register on the NikeSNKRS join random draw, access to limited, joint, popular shoes purchase qualifications; target shoes Models Set an appointment to sell a reminder to get a push reminder before the offer; Track order information in real time after placing an order; and save personal shoe size, address, payment Necessary information on Nike SNKRS and pay for products quickly online.
The SNKRS platform not only offers limited edition sneakers, but also men’s, women’s, and children’s shoes including Nike Sportswear, NikeSB, NikeBasketball, and Jordan shoes. In recent years, “consumers” have risen in the mind of the brand, and as the consumer’s shopping habits have changed significantly, the brand has also changed the way it interacts with consumers. While Nike launched SNKRS in the United States in 2015, rival Adidas also launched its own Confirmed shopping app on the Yeezy 750 Boost. And SNKRS function slightly different, Confirmed exclusively for the sale of limited shoes, and only in some geographic areas of the user can use this App for shopping. Although many technical issues have been reflected in the use of these branded shopping apps, sports brands seem determined to go the extra mile. However, the new problem is that sports brands also have to decide which developments in digital technology will have a positive and significant impact on the business of the future, and those that prove to have limited digital technology will no longer exist. For example, the development of wearable devices try. Adidas recently announced the dissolution of its Digital Sports Business Unit. This division is primarily responsible for adidas wearable device business, a move equivalent to the announcement that the German sports brand officially withdraw from the field of wearable equipment. Coincidentally, the sports brand Under Armor (also referred to as UA) is also in 2017, announced the cessation of its production and its Taiwan mobile phone brand HTC jointly developed and manufactured the wearable suit UAHealthBox; as early as 2014, Nike cut the company’s digital movement The hardware team, which discontinued products including the FuelBand fitness wristband, focused its research and development efforts on sports and fitness applications. Not only are sports brands moving away from wearables, Jawbone Inc., a pioneer in smart wearable devices that once valued at more than $ 3 billion, entered bankruptcy in 2017. With the removal of the digital sports sector, Adidas officials said the future will focus on the development of two digital platforms, Ruuntastic and Adidas. Which, adidas is Adidas recently introduced a new AI into the shopping experience. That is to say, from the point of view of the enterprise development, the problem of realization – the digitization of the company’s retail channel may be more important than the wearable device at this stage. The same name and brand App is Adidas’s first integrated shopping applications, the face of a broader user base. Currently, this app can only be used in the United States and the United Kingdom, but Adidas plans in the first half of 2018 this application will be extended to more countries. adidas platform to provide a full range of Adidas products, consumers can shop and track their orders; the same time, this app can also extract the user’s past shopping history through artificial intelligence and personal information, according to the user’s interests and behavior to generate personalized And recommend more than just products, product news, specific sports content; there’s an “Share How You Wear It” area in this app that lets users show off their adidas Photos; In addition, consumers can also communicate with customer service 24 hours a day. UA, which went down in 2017, announced in 2016 UA Shop, “a mobile app to enhance the consumer shopping experience.” UA has invested hundreds of millions of dollars to build a digital community of 170 million users and has four fitness and health apps.