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In 2017, Nike faced the second consecutive quarter of decline in sales in the largest market in the United States in the face of rival adidas. Obviously, Nike experienced serious problems and product innovation is imminent. As of now, Under Armor has lost the second largest sports brand in the United nike air max 97 golden, Under Armor, a once-buoyant company, posted a loss for two consecutive quarters as its sales dropped 45% in 2017 and its market capitalization evaporated to more than $ 5 billion. So for those long-term local sports brands rolled by the international sports brand, their development opportunities will have any effect? Obviously, a series of challenges such as high inventory of domestic brands and difficulties in transition have also surfaced one after another. However, many local sports brands are also conducting effective brand strategy layouts in recent years and gradually narrowing the gap with big international players. More worth mentioning is that 2018 years coincides with this year’s Sports Games: Football World Cup, the Olympic Winter Games and the Asian Games and other major debut, plus “46”, “Sports Industry 13th Five-Year Plan” and other policies Dividend, sports industry usher in an unprecedented eruption point, Anta, Li Ning and other local sports brand performance is expected to usher in a new round of growth. “Nowadays, companies that rely on a single brand will not be able to compete with ‘foreign brands’ such as Nike and Adidas, but more possibilities can be created when we implement a multi-brand strategy.” ANTA Sports Chairman and CEO Ding Shizhong, CEO said that the next step, Anta’s acquisition of overseas brands will continue.

According to UBS research report, ANTA Sports has been accelerating the expansion of its multi-brand strategy in the past two years. Last year it acquired KolonSport, a Korean brand, and KingKow, a children’s clothing brand. The bank expects the company to make further profits in the next three years by completing two acquisitions each year through Fila. As of the end of December 2017, the share price of ANTA Sports has risen by more than 56% over the past year. The current market capitalization of the ANTA Sports Sportswear is about 97.7 billion Hong Kong Dollars. It is the highest retail apparel group in the country with a market value of 90%. The company is located in:

It is worth mentioning that, on October 20, 2017, ANKO affiliated subsidiary of ANTA and South Korea’s leading outdoor brand KolonSport joint venture. At the same time, Anta also announced the acquisition of a 100% stake in King Kow, a famous children’s wear brand, as well as the ownership of the trademark, to launch a multi-brand strategy for the children’s sporting goods market.