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This year’s starting selection, team style has changed, although the final LeBron James and Stephen Curry’s selection process failed to live, so that fans around the world and “eating melon masses” to shout. In contrast, last year even the site location has changed. Originally,cheap air max 95 golden, the 2017 All-Star Game was home to Charlotte-Michael Jordan as owner of the Charlotte Hornets. However, as a result of the local anti-gay act aroused, the coalition finally decided to abolish Charlotte’s All-Star Game in 2017 and finally move the All-Star team to New Orleans last year. At the time, Michael Jordan autographs that the decision to understand the league, and revealed that 2019 All-Star Game to be held in Charlotte. However, in 2019, sits home to meet the princes before, “Joe” boss first in the 2018 All-Star Game a big job. Beijing time in the early morning of January 26, 2018, the first step in the All-Star team announced, Nike announced the All-Star Game this year, the official jersey, previously spy photos confirmed: 2018 NBA All-Star official jersey equipment, Will be the Jordan brand. Jordan officially released NBA 2018 All-Star Jersey shirt, also means that in the upcoming All-Star Week, 24 NBA All-Star players will be wearing a chest with Jumpman logo shirt to play the first game. Inspired by this year’s All-Star host Los Angeles, to facilitate the black-and-white Jordan-style NBA All-Star shirt, but also with Los Angeles signs font design for each player’s team logo. The shirt’s main design elements include: textured Jumpman logo, printed on the size of the “All-Star Edition” above the words, as well as to pay tribute to the previous All-Star jersey and braid on both sides of the weave the stars with a gravure patterns. David Creech, Jordan’s vice president of brand design, said: “Our goal is to combine the high street style of Jordan sportswear with the local elements of Los Angeles to create a uniform that wears equally both inside and outside the stadium.” In addition, to celebrate Michael Jordan won the 1988 Slam Dunk Championship and All-Star Game MVP’s thirtieth anniversary, Jordan brand will launch a black and white commemorative Chicago Bulls All-Star jersey. This year’s All-Star team, Nike camp is still a big victory. LeBron James was elected this year’s ticket king, and in his formation of “James” is even more included Durant, “Eyebrows” Anthony Davis and Carey Owen, the United States fans even jokingly, four Nike big coffee spokesman starting “James team” is simply Nike All-Star team. The Nike camp who failed to enter the James team is Antti Kobo, the Greek monster who was chosen as the starter for the first time this year to enter All-Star. The Bucks, nicknamed the ” Nike has just completed the end of the contract and the contract, after the expiry of the contract with Nike, “Letter Brother” has led to Adidas, Li Ning and other brands competing chase.