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In 1967, Nike, which had not yet become the world’s leading footwear brand, launched a new high-end running shoe. It is imperative to name this running shoe. The two co-founders, Phil Knight and Bill Bowerman, initially decided to name the shoe “Aztec” but then the sports-brand giant Adidas was not happy , Claiming to sue Nike infringement, because they had a section called “Azteca Gold” air max 95 red, After thinking twice about the name of the shoe, the two start-ups in Oregon opened the door for the first German shooter that has been a rival for decades. Knight I have elaborated on how they were not happy with Adi decided on the final selection of this shoe. Powell once asked Knight: “What’s the name of the guy who played the Aztecs?” He replied: “Cortez.” “OK,” ” Bowerman said, “Then we call it Cortez.” Translator’s Note: Hernando Cortes, a colonial Spanish colonist who was active in Central and South America to destroy Aztec, Ancient civilizations and famous for establishing the Spanish colony in Mexico. Since that fatal (or rather irrational) naming decision, Nike has developed into a monster of commerce in these 50 years and also represents a cultural phenomenon, whether star-studded athletes or unwilling Moved by the TV fans, have Nike products on the foot. However, in the past year, the limelight in this protracted war has changed. Adidas again strong rise, and thanks to the company engraved two 60s design clover shoes: Stan Smith series and Superstar series. The sales of these two series of sports shoes in the United States exceeded any of the same period, making the adidas company’s share of the United States soared 83% of the footwear market, and the vast majority of the share from Nike grab it of.