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Although Nike revenue in the North American market there have been problems, but rely on the domestic market, they still make big profits. Now Nike releases its second quarter results for fiscal year 2018 from November 30, 2017, with revenue of $ 85.5 for the quarter, up 5% over the same period of last year, with the main driver of growth coming from the domestic market (A lot of contribution to the domestic electricity market). Although North America is Nike’s headquarters,air max 90 navy bleu, but their market share and profits are being Adi catch up, such as the U.S. market in September this year, Adidas surpassed Air Jordan, becoming the second largest brand behind Nike shoes. Nike also stressed that Air Jordan shoes sold very well in the domestic market, and this is their quarter, Greater China revenue growth over the same period the key to its sales of 1.2 billion US dollars. Of course this week Bryant jersey retired this hot spot, Nike is also clinging, launched a series of shoes to commemorate Bryant retired, the domestic Division who are quite buy powder, grab an instant light is a must. Finally said that the reason why the momentum of the recent Adi fierce, the main hero or his own Boost technology blessing, at the same time a variety of syndicates has not stopped, of course, Air Jordan’s joint is not stopped, in short, is a word, this year’s co-ring really sincere many. Nike brand is very good, but for the super team jersey design has been criticized for many years, the same style, stereotyped style, obviously is perfunctory us. Remove the jersey ads, it is difficult to identify which team belongs to, it is embarrassing. Especially with the Karl Mei sponsored in a very bright and beautiful shirt is in sharp contrast, but the fans have any other way, can only follow the team’s choice. Karl America on the A team have their own special care, let them separate design! Each team has its own characteristics, super team only envy. Super shirt design so perfunctory, no one would like, Nike want to renew, then please come up with some sincerity to the super team design a shirt with its own characteristics, do not let people unlimited criticism It’s Is Nike think the super quality of the team is not good, is not worth for us to design a look very high jersey? Chinese fans look forward to the jersey change after the 2019 contract expires, so now it depends on how the leaders negotiated with Nike.