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As “China’s leading brand of tidal equipment,” and the king glory each new season will give us a surprise, the introduction of Nike every season new products allow fans scream shout. This time, Nike double eleven to the “king of glory” as the theme, nike air max vapox black,launched the “King glory commemorative paragraph” plate shoes, but also allows summoners who can wear the king’s glory element on the feet. Not only that, this time double eleven, Nike combined with the glory of the king to create a double eleven promo “set of requests” is bound to set off a wave of games and sports tide brand cross-border boom. Nike was founded in Jinjiang, China in 1986, the brand name from “Belief” belief & “Activity” positive & “Go” action & “Excellence” beyond, meaning that every young person should not forget their beliefs, maintain a positive attitude, and constantly Go beyond yourself. 31 years of hard work, so Nike from a humble Jinjiang small brand, become the world’s most important tide play sports equipment brand in the world with more than 1,000 stores. Continuously beyond the self, followed the trend of the moment, let the starling 31st vitality still. 31 years of continuous improvement, continuous improvement, Nike has always been concerned about the majority of fans, we can say that without their support Nike today’s brilliant. Nike double eleven total planning in the face of an interview with reporters, said: “The double eleven Nike is to use a grand carnival feast, to repay 31 years to accompany the growth of the majority of fans with Nike this time double eleven Nike Not only prepared a new product, “King glory commemorative models” shoes, will also use unprecedented discount efforts and tens of millions of peripheral gifts, so that customers can buy benefits, to win Gifts. As a “shoe shoes family”, Nike has always been in the field of board shoes are unique Collar, this time with the kingdom of national glory of hand-king combination from the very beginning destined to the king of commemorative paragraph plate shoes of the three commemorative paragraph shoes original paragraph as a shop town shop treasure explode 100,000 Double, received thousands of customers praise. The combination of the king of the glory of the elements of the second development and design, so that shoes full of vitality. To the majority of Nike fans bring a pair of light and comfortable and characteristics of the trend of shoes