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According to the United States shoes net understanding, signed kobe, who later signed another China popular star. In fact, as early as June this year, there is news that Yi Yi-Yi Xi won nike neo series endorsement, and with other brand ambassador Zheng Kai, air max 95 all black for sale,Di Reebok filming promo. NBA star has always been nothing new, adidas originals spokesperson lineup by Luhan, Eason Chan, Angelababy posed by luxury stars, it is understood, adidas originals series contributed to the nike 45% performance growth. This time Yi Yi Qian Xi join Zheng Kai, Derek Lapa lineup endorsement neo series, is nike lock 00 this future consumer new force an important measure. It is easy to see from the nike air max series Yi Xi Yi Xi Xi is a large-scale capture of the Chinese apparel consumer market in the young audience. nike air max series not only preemptive signed entertainment star, nfl jerseys, fashion series also has a set. It is understood that in August this year, nike air max series with both actors and trend of the dual identity of the brand ambassador Zheng Kai, jointly launched the “ULTIMATE X Zheng Kai Limited Gift Box.” Giftbox interior to demonstrate its new -cloudfoam ULTIMATE shoes, gift box outer cover made of transparent material, both futuristic and technological sense, the chassis device does not seem tumble-shaped design, do not have fun. This month, nike air max series not only signed after 00 am entertainment star Yi Xuan thousand Xi, also played field cross-border marketing. In late November, the series launched a series of campus love cartoons with the theme of “Making Pa Street in Winter,” and implanted brand apparel in domestic comics. Although such comic IP crossover marketing is trendy, however, fans do not Must buy it, too hard to sell ads easily lead to secondary fans objectionable. After accurate marketing and bedding, nike has successfully labeled as a fashion label, nike in the revenue is not bad. It is understood that the third quarter of 2017, nike global revenue growth of 12%, Greater China sales growth of 28%. For the good growth of sales in Greater China, nike said mainly due to the nike brand and Reebok brand continued its strong growth momentum. Among them, the nike brand increased 13%, mainly due to running, outdoor, sports classic series and neo series recorded double-digit sales growth.