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In mid-October, Nike in the world’s largest market, the United States directly under the official website of the 6 fold flash promotion, in its website for more than 200 kinds of goods for 48 hours of promotional activities, the highest price reduction rate of 40%, including even the high-end brand Jordan The product. Sports industry analyst Matt Powell in Twitter said publicly that this form of promotional activities for Nike in terms of unprecedented, and that the brand has a serious problem.air max 97 all black, It is understood that Nike rarely in the United States directly to the face of large-scale consumer promotions, the promotional activities of large-scale, wide range of product categories, promotional time, some experts believe that this is due to Nike’s decline in the North American market performance , According to Nike announced a quarterly earnings, North American revenue decline, but the other hand, the Chinese market, sales growth. Coincidentally, recently, Nike is also the official website of China to hang out “11.11 priority purchase” low discount activities. The official website shows that Nike designated goods as low as 5 fold, the event time for the October 20 – November 12, at 11 o’clock on November 11 will provide China limited goods. Page shows, discount shoes show 366 models. Beijing Business Daily reporter noted that the previous “6.18” period, Nike China’s official website has also been involved in discount promotions. Industry experts said, in general, business promotion reasons are usually faced with the following situations: the first is to follow the trend, followed by competing products pace; the second is a short period of time red performance behavior; the last one is to clean up the inventory. Beijing Chinese Commercial News reporters noted that Nike’s order volume appeared for three consecutive quarters of the slowdown in growth. Among them, September 2017 in January 2018 global orders year on year increase of 7% over the same period last year, the level of increase in the reduction of 10 percentage points. Apparel industry experts, independent clothing division Ma Gang said that enterprises rely on promotions to enhance performance is not a wise move, this way in a short period of time will be relatively effective growth performance, but not conducive to long-term development of the brand. Domestic apparel industry strategic experts, UTA fashion management group president of China Yang Dajun that Nike performance loss this year than in previous years, less than rival Adidas. In the world’s largest sports consumer goods market, the United States nearly two years of retail market downturn, which Nike had a tremendous pressure. According to the reporter observed, Nike Chinese official website of the low-cost promotional sports shoes style is relatively old. “Promotional style old, indicating that the brand is mainly in the clean-up season inventory,” he said.
Recently, Adidas robot factory manufacturing the first running shoes will soon be on sale, the factory from the beginning of the construction by the industry attention. It is understood that Adi hope that through the automatic robot production, the original close to 18 months of production cycle shortened to 45 days. For similar needs, Nike also released a new studio in September this year, consumers can choose the favorite color and style in the studio, and in 90 minutes to get the finished product. In addition, the past two years, Nike and Adidas are in the fashion marketing up and down enough effort. Ma Gang that, in recent years, Nike’s fashion is not as good as Adidas do well, such as Adidas clover NMD? R1 series of each color limited to 900 pairs, NMD? R2 series for the Chinese special “Happiness” word LOGO, in addition, Adidas often Invited Chinese popular star endorsement, make good use of fan economy. But in the field of expertise and brand reputation, Nike is slightly better. But Yang Dajun also believes that Nike and Adi nearly two years to keep up with the fashion trend, the market reaction is quite good, access to consumer recognition. But he stressed that the core of sporting goods is still the professionalism of sports equipment. Just recently, Nike spent heavily to promote the reoccurrence of the NBA jersey, but in the game, Nike’s most commercial value of the ball LeBron James, in the face with Jay Brown when the shirt back accidentally torn. Yang Dajun that companies should emphasize the functional and sports performance, too fashionable or other aspects of the brand’s core position will be lost. So the future of the brand will gradually return to the professional market. Ma Gang also believes that although the overall trend of consumer bias bias, but the sports brand of professional is indispensable, excessive entertainment may affect the performance of goods.