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Footwear industry to the present, the traditional process to improve product comfort, the role of aesthetics have been very limited, and the existing footwear comfort and aesthetics have been basically meet the needs of the public, manufacturers in these areas for the competition Kung Fu, after the market will be mostly consumers “radish cabbage” type of choice balance, but not how much air max quick delivery, Obviously, for the future in the future, seeking to break the shoe business people, it is time to find a new growth point. In recent years, domestic and foreign industry initiatives, intelligent manufacturing is their choice. In addition to being used to wear, shoes can add some additional features? This is the current part of the industry is thinking about the problem. In other words, upgrading the shoe to a wearable device may be a way out. Security is the first requirement. For the elderly, children and other vulnerable groups designed to protect the function of special goods are often the most easy access to the market. Part of the elderly difficult to move, in the case of unattended once the fall, it is likely to be difficult to get up, or even life-threatening. To this end, Taiwan Yuanzhi University researchers in 2016 to develop a smart alarm can be automatic insoles. Insole contains a special sensor device, when the user fell to the ground, the device will be connected to the phone to send an alarm, so that the family members in time through the APP to understand the situation, return home to help the elderly. The number of children can be considered the number one risk. Where the children go, perhaps by the shoes to give the answer. 2016, the domestic sporting goods giant Li Ning and Tencent to reach a cooperation, jointly launched with the positioning of intelligent children’s shoes. Such products from the appearance of ordinary shoes and no different, but built-in Bluetooth chip, and the guardian of the QQ binding, the location of the child can be real-time information to the guardian know. This low-cost, low-radiation chip can work in the absence of charging for more than six months, for the rapid growth of foot, frequent replacement of new shoes for children is enough. To cope with diversified consumer demand, shoes to set up a “small society” to ensure that the safety of the elderly and children to meet the diverse needs of ordinary adults on the consumer demand should be put on the agenda. Whether it is like a smart bracelet to record the amount of physical activity and physiological parameters, or as smart phones as online ordering, upgrade to wearable equipment, shoes can do. Functional complexity, a single two wireless connection will seem powerless, shoes have to set up a “small society”. In August of this year, Qualcomm applied for a patent called “Shoe Network”, although not yet determined when to launch, but from its introduction, seems to have a large number of shoes networking information exchange of the scene and ready to come The Bracelets, mobile phones and other equipment may be omitted in the future, as long as the shoes we can go out in the virtual and the real world unimpeded.