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“Nike is driving the development of the Chinese sports industry with unlimited potential and opportunities, and at the same time, through innovation, motivation and encouragement,” said Elliott Hill, president of Nike Group’s global regional and integrated marketing center at the 2017 Shanghai International Business Conference. Three pillars to meet the needs of Chinese consumers.air max outlet frauen, “Nike brand by the company founded by Mr. Phil Knight. The company was founded when the goal is very simple, that is to serve the athletes. Like many other companies, Nike also has its own mission, our mission also affects generation after generation of athletes, and our mission is very simple, that is, with inspiration and innovation to stimulate each athlete, no matter where the athletes The There are almost 1.4 billion athletes in China, and we see unlimited potential. Now there are more and more people in the physical exercise, but also fell in love with this sports lifestyle, China’s sports industry is growing, we also see that the world’s sports market potential, has reached 4500 $ 100 million, which is the market share of 2025. This amount is only 20 billion in 2016, China is now a very large sports market, will also become the source of global sports growth, leading growth. China’s growth rate will be 2.5 times the growth rate of global sports career. So in China we have an unprecedented opportunity to play the potential of sports. Nike put sports on the center of all matters, people – oriented, let us better understand the cause of sports athletes, so as to better develop the sports industry. Nike in China’s business has been 30 years of history, and in the past 30 years, we continue to expand the Chinese sports market, to the Chinese sports market to bring more impetus. We invite children to participate in various sports activities of the school, invite high school students to participate in basketball games, and that we are also in Shanghai, China marathon competition which investment, it can be said to continue to promote the sports industry , Also changed the Chinese sports industry.