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UBS issued a report, the market is still underestimated the long-term growth potential of the Nike Group’s FILA business, that FILA business with a good business layout, is expected to related business in 2017 to 20,000 composite sales growth rate of more than 30%, it is worth noting that the Nike Group Half year net profit rose 29% year on year, also mainly driven by FILA business, which rose 50% year on year sales, currently accounts for 25% of Nike’s overall sales. In addition, UBS also raised its forecast for the Group’s net profit forecast for 2017 to 2019 by 7%, 20% and 45% to RMB3.11 billion, RMB3,793 million and RMB4,437 million. The bank also raised its forecast for Nike 2017 to 2019 7%, 16% and 21% respectively, to RMB16,536 million, RMB20,064 million and RMB23.078 billion respectively. FILA founded, produced and sold underwear in 1911. Until the 1970s began to expand the production line of sportswear apparel, and invited the Japanese designer Yixin design now red and blue f-box logo. FILA advertised himself from the very beginning by sponsoring athletes, sponsoring Bj√∂rn Borg, a tennis player known as the Swedish king,air max 90 best seller, and Reinhold Messner on Mount Everest without the supply of oxygen. After the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, Nike aware of the Chinese sports industry will be a new turning point, too a single brand structure or will be quickly eliminated by the market. In 2009, Nike officially opened the multi-brand strategy to HK $ 600 million from Belle International acquired the sports brand FILA’s franchise and trademark use rights in China, responsible for the promotion and distribution of FILA products in mainland China, Hong Kong and Macau. In fact, before the acquisition of 2008, Nike was due to unsatisfactory profit and the sale of Adidas, Reebok and Kappa three international brands of retail business, to abandon the Adidas agent is an important factor in the German brand intentionally returned to the Inevitability, and the latter two of the frustration or poor performance of the helpless choice. At that time, Nike admitted that by the financial crisis and other factors, the international brand retail business in 2006 and 2007 continuous loss, net loss in 2007 reached 5.5 million yuan. Sports brand FILA fashion degree continues to rise. In 2011, the campaign was celebrating its 100th anniversary. Took over FILA China, FILA Greater China president Yao Weixiong do the first thing is to return the brand positioning fashion. Yao Weixiong said earlier in an interview that the brand will focus on the positioning of consumers in the 20 to 35-year-old young people, hoping to reflect their way of life, both as a sportswear, but also daily wear. Some analysts believe that sports brand only think of “movement” is not enough words. Nike, adidas is also well versed in this road. adidas is using fresh, cool to attract the millennium generation, adidas said earlier that the company has learned from the mistakes of the past, the company did not pay attention to consumer demand, too static led to the loss of consumer brand enthusiasm. Chen Grazutis, an analyst at Bloomberg, argues that when the market moves from functionality to fashion, such as Under Armor is in a passive situation. In order to attract young consumers, FILA in recent years to enter the tide, invited the influx of people endorsement, some time ago FILA and Gosha Rubchinskiy launched a joint model. And invited Jason Wu to continue to launch joint design. And this month, the brand announced Chen Kun as the brand spokesperson. Some analysts believe that FILA has now become the new performance of the Nike Group. Yao Weixiong said in an interview with the interface, FILA’s future goal is three years of sales into the 10 billion club, upgrade from the sports upstart for the domestic high-end market before the three brands. Over the past five years, FILA’s retail sales have remained at around 40%. As of June 30, 2016, the number of shops per year to maintain the growth rate of about 10%. As of June 30, Nike in China, a total of 9041 stores, FILA stores are a total of 869. 2015, Nike acquired the British outdoor brand Sprandi, Nike is seen as in the low-end market international brands to make up; 2016, Nike and Japan Descente, and ITOCHU Corporation subsidiary Itochu joint venture company, the three companies in accordance with 6: 3: 1 of the investment ratio to share. Earlier this month, came out nearly 4 billion in cash to buy cash or open a new round of acquisitions. Is the acquisition of Hong Kong in the high-end children’s clothing brand small laugh KINGKOW, is expected to purchase the amount of 60 million Hong Kong dollars, but Nike did not respond to the message. In fact, Nike’s annual revenue in 2015 exceeded 10 billion yuan, Nike said its next plan to seek more overseas acquisitions. Earlier this year, according to BNP Paribas luxury goods director Luca Solca in the forecast show that China Nike Sports and PVH and VF and other US apparel groups are likely to buy Puma. By FILA’s market potential to promote the impact of Nike’s stock price rose yesterday, the largest intraday gains of nearly 7%, recorded a record high of HK $ 32.45 per share, nearly 4 months, the stock has accumulated more than 30%, the current market value of 85 billion Hong Kong dollars , Listed in the domestic apparel group ranked second, the market value from the first Shenzhou International difference of about 50 billion Hong Kong dollars.