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With the consumer to highlight the personality and taste of the consumer more and more enhanced, the traditional assembly line, popular products are no longer favored by consumers, so to meet the current consumer preferences of personalized custom products like mushroomed all walks of life, shoes Especially in the “industry 4.0” environment, belonging to the labor-intensive industries of the shoe industry need to find ways to upgrade, and the emergence of personalized custom seems to let them see this method.air max 90 hyperfuse outlet, In recent years, numerous domestic and foreign enterprises competing in the influx of personalized custom among the ranks, set off a wave of personalized custom. In fact, the Xiefu industry has long been a custom concept, the sporting goods industry’s two bosses Nike and Adidas on the launch of NikeID and miAdidas test water personalized custom. In recent years, the rapid fashion whirlwind is to let consumers more and more concerned about the “style”, “style”, “color” and other factors, which also to a certain extent, accelerated the popularity of personalized custom, after all, since consumers care These elements, businesses have no reason to run counter to the needs of consumers. Foreign well-known brands such as shoes and hats GUCCI, RalphLauren, Burberry, Fendi, UNIQLO, etc. have been carried out in succession of the personalized custom business. Domestic personalized custom in the past two years, rapid development, especially in 2017, a number of shoes and apparel enterprises competing to launch personalized customization services. Well-known domestic sports brand Anta aimed at the familiar sneakers market launched custom shoes service and joint Yintai and Lynx together to create a customized service system. Putian Shoes Association, the unit double Chi enterprises successfully built a number of flexible production lines, and its footwear brand shoes into a personalized shoe store shop, the fastest store only 20 minutes, customers can get Private custom shoes, but also with the Chinese Academy of Sciences signed a strategic cooperation agreement, joint research and development of foot-type scanning equipment, build “Chinese foot data database.” Shandong Heidelberg focus on high-level custom denim clothing, research and development of personalized jeans custom supply chain platform to achieve customer online orders, the system automatically typesetting, automated tailoring, MES system to drive the operating unit for garment manufacturing, but also successfully completed two The production line of the technology and information transformation, data-driven factory implementation, clothing customization cycle from the original about one month shortened to 7 working days.