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The five European leagues are about to begin in early August. The recent major sports manufacturers to release new equipment, welcome the new season. Adidas on the eve of the Champions League final launch of the new product line – Nemeziz also listed in the recent Magnetic Storm suit with new color debut. This replaced before the sales embarrassing Messi series of new products in the experience after two strange color, this time to black all the black appearance, cool full of effort. At present, the super-top Nemeziz 17 + 360 Agility FG / AG in Pro: Direct Soccer on sale, priced at £ 280 (about RMB 2470). air max 90 kaws black,Shortly after the announcement of the organization’s announcement, the Nike Group issued a statement on the possession of harmful substances in clothing, saying that four of the nine Nike products tested contained NPE, but Nike insisted that the company had been strict Adhere to the NPE concentration of 100ppm standard, which is the industry to implement the best measures; Nike Group also said in a statement, will continue to work closely with the relevant government departments to ensure that all products sold in China in full compliance with Chinese laws and regulations. But did not mention whether to recall NPE products Reporters visited the involved brand in Guangzhou Tianhe District counters, stores, found no one company to take the recall of related products measures. According to the good friend of the store’s Nike counter sales staff, recently did not receive any notice on the clothes containing hormones, did not hear which products to do the next frame to deal with. Tianhe City crocodile store staff told reporters that consumers have not encountered to ask the return, compensation for the situation, sales are normal. Nike counter sales staff, said: “Our company is a first-class international sports brand, so many star athletes are wearing, how can it be toxic? If our products are not safe, I am afraid the entire garment industry is not safe.” But in the interview , Some consumers said they already know and pay attention to the “NPE” problem, before the results clear it will not continue to buy the relevant products.