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June 30 this year, Nike founder Phil Knight left the board of directors of the first anniversary of the board. Since the Nike brand was founded 45 years, this may be the most let him worry about the year. Half a month ago, his successor Mark Parker announced a company to adjust the plan, it is like throwing a blockbuster, causing widespread media attention and strong response to the capital market. This program, called ConsumerDirectOffense, aims to provide consumers with a larger,cheap nike air max 95 trainers, personalized service channel faster. Simply put, is the use of digital power, Nike will accelerate innovation and product creation to drive growth. At the same time, in the main city by deepening the one-to-one contact, narrowing the distance with the consumer.If you look at the first half of the plan, the content as in the past, the words are full of positive words. Mark Parker said, “The future of sport will depend on the needs of consumers .ConsumerDirectOffense, we will target key markets, deliver products faster and become more active in the digital market.” The first Nike will focus on London, Shanghai, Beijing, Los Angeles, Tokyo, Paris and New York and other 10 countries in 12 key cities, and is expected to 2020, the performance of the above cities will account for the ” 80% of the broader market. In addition, Nike will be the previous six regional market integration into four, namely North America, EMEA region (Europe, Middle East and Africa), Greater China and APLA (Asia Pacific and Latin America). Since the beginning of fiscal year 2018, Nike will be based on the new four major regional market statistics. At the same time, Nike re-combed the management structure. Nike brand president TrevorEdwards was appointed to lead the implementation of the program by integrating the category, region, market, product, sales, digitization and direct consumer-oriented DTC team. The uproar is the second element: the triple strategy, that is, doubling innovation, doubling the speed, doubling the direct association with the consumer. In fact, in March this year, 2017 fiscal year third quarter earnings report phone call, Mark Parker put forward the “triple strategy.” The new plan not only explains the triple strategy in detail, but also the promotion of ConsumerDirectOffense. Causing the media attention and let the capital market is disturbed, the planning of two clear figures: First, reduce the 25% of the product style. Second, the leadership and organizational change will lead to institutional simplification, is expected to cut about 2% of the global staff. You know, Nike’s layoffs after the scale of the financial crisis in 2009 after the big layoffs. Therefore, no wonder the media and the capital market so concerned about the hidden in the text of these two figures. Nike each fiscal year began on June 1, ending in the next natural year on May 31. By convention, over the years, the company’s annual earnings were mostly released by the end of June. In order to avoid fluctuations in the stock price, the company a number of major strategic adjustments, personnel appointment and dismissal after the release of earnings. For example, on June 28, 2016, Nike released an annual report, two days after the announcement of the founder of Phil Knight outgoing chairman, led by Mark Parker. In fact, in order to smooth the shift, pre-preparation has lasted for 1 year. Even so, the board is still not at ease, Knight as honorary chairman, as an observer can still attend the board.