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Nike officially named in 1978, it is more than the leading brand Adidas, Puma, Reebok, known as “nearly 20 years the world’s newly created the most successful consumer goods company.” Nike’s profits rose from $ 13 million in 1985 to about $ 400 million in 1994. Nike’s global turnover reached nearly $ 4.8 billion in 1994. In the United States, there are up to 70% of the dream of young people is a pair of Nike shoes. Nike brand has a lot of marketing inspiration worth digging. Nike’s marketing mystery is a very good aspect of its marketing communication (Nike’s Marketing Communication). 1994, Nike’s advertising spending of $ 280 million, air max 90 black camo,is Procter & Gamble advertising costs around 1/9, but the creative charm of Nike marketing communication, Nike won the consumer, so that Nike became the winner of the market goddess Nike intended to be “the ancient Greek goddess of victory”). Nike has a “myth of growth”: in the 20th century, 60 years to create the beginning of the company, the scale is very small, at any time may collapse. The two founders, Bauerman and Knight, have several roles, and the company does not have its own office building and a complete business. Nike’s global profit in 1985 was $ 13 million, and in 1994 the company’s global turnover was $ 4.8 billion; its market share was the highest, more than twice that of the third-ranked Adidas. Nike’s pace of growth did not slow down. Compared with 1994, global sales rose 38%, pre-tax profits increased 55%, Nike’s stock soared, from two years ago, 43 dollars per share soared to $ 103 per share in 1995. Many of Wall Street investors and analysts have not been optimistic about Nike before the 1980s: “Nike has little foundation and prospects for development.” Now they have to self-mockery, “God likes to create mythology, so he chose us Think of the Nike. “Nike myth is for” God’s gift “? Nike president Knight said:” Yes, the consumer is God, we have a dialogue with the ‘God’ magic tool – Nike advertising. “Advertising change Focus on communication. Nike President commented: Nike focus on communication effects of advertising, Nike brand by the public love, rapid growth. Nike’s early advertising works focused on promoting the technical advantages of the product, because the brand positioning in the formal competitive sports market. Of course, some casual runners and sports people who also buy Nike shoes, one for wearing comfortable, but also because Nike propaganda: who owns Nike, who knows sports! This has a certain impact on consumers. But this period of Nike advertising can not be called the true sense of communication, Nike’s advertising is in its “advertising change” produced in the out.