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Prior to ESPN has been reported, Andrea for the NBA star Stephen Curry to create the latest boots Curry3 sales less than expected. In the foot Locker CEO revealed the library’s latest basketball shoes Curry3 sales did not meet expectations, November 18 Andrema shares fell 4%, the company’s market value of nearly 600 million US dollars. This seems to remind us that Nike has been in the basketball shoe sales have encountered problems, and now also began to plague Andma. Although the Andaman footwear products have achieved significant growth – the fourth quarter growth of 42% – but now it seems that even with excellent products and superstar endorsement, can not stop the fashion trend from the performance of basketball shoes drifting away The Look at the field of basketball a withered scene, Andrea should have expected this. Is widely considered to be Nike’s core business of basketball category, accounting for only 5% of Nike’s total sales.air max black womens, 2016 fiscal year, Nike Basketball category overall sales fell 1%.
Sports clothing Today’s trend is retro and casual, pay attention to the actual performance of the basketball category was thrown aside. NPD Group analyst Matt Powell in the Marketplace September report said: “We are completely in a retro fashion cycle. Young people are very keen on old-school style dress.” Although Nike’s Jordan brand sales growth seems to break This rule, but a little careful observation will find that is not the case. According to Powell,the overall sales of Jordan brand in the 2016 fiscal year rose 18%, this sales (regardless of shoes or clothing) nearly half are from the retro casual style shoes. At present, the second brand of American shoes sales is Adidas. Compared to Nike and Andrea, Adidas by the recent trend of the impact of relatively small, it is because in their footwear products, the share of basketball category was not big. Nevertheless, Adidas also admitted in the recent earnings, “sales of basketball category growth is slow.”