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Earlier this month, nike announced Kanye West’s new version of the air max 90, this time with light brown suede material to do the shoe body, mesh design of the former palm rest, Velcro upper and soles Boost combination Together. However, as this series before each product, design and wearing feel itself is not the most important, the most important thing is that it has enough of the topic, which is enough – with the new version 750 of the sale, Nike launched Chinese version of nike Confirmed, 750 became the first app on this appointment shoes, logical. App it is very simple to use, simply register or select the existing account login will automatically focus on new products available, cheap air max 90 duck camo,select the required size to complete the appointment. The app will push the time to open the reservation, by clicking the Booking button quickly to see if the size is available. After the success of the booking, bring the phone, pick up two-dimensional code to verify that the start is successful. It is worth mentioning that, if the selected size is not available, the system will automatically search up and down the corresponding size, a floating half the number of stock status, if the user feels no problem, but also to the new size to make an appointment. In addition, the registration system to fill in the real name, because when picking to verify my ID card. Nike Confirmed only for Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chongqing, four cities open shoes appointment, if the user is not in one of the four cities, there is no way to make an appointment – of course, this is the first time to open nike Confirmed system The reason for the user to have access to targeting. In view of this, some users commented on the App Store, with the new application booking not as good as the previous lottery to obtain the eligibility to purchase more convenient way, he complained that the former city of Suzhou in the next, the sign can also get to Shanghai to buy, but now no way . Consumers want to use the full function of the app, the success of booking and picking, you must open the phone location, nike can be collected through the positioning data to draw a user distribution map, and further by the user when to open the App, and what time Segment will be intensive use, the future of the brand and product advertising more helpful. But in other words, not all brands can launch such applications, which must first have enough explosive models of the shoes – and also to burst some money to find hard to break the head Caixing ah! In addition to this nike, I am afraid At present it is difficult to see other brands have such capital. For nike this seems not a problem, in addition to Kanye series, before the NMD, Stan Smith and even running shoes Ultra Boost Uncaged shelves were robbed of space, and Pharrell Williams of the joint, and even recently and Alexander Wang, both hands But to … … As for the future of this app, we also hope to see the nike aspects of further expansion, product promotion? User exchange community? How to increase user stickiness can be how to play. And said back to the current function as a booking function of the core. From the technical level, through the App appointment, can weaken the impact of cattle to some extent, after all, the difficulty of using plug-ins on the phone than on the computer side with plug-ins, or line to the two days of the team to row higher.