nike air max 90

It uses a lightweight Teijin upper and tongue no lock to get the best design, and Nike ACC weather Possession technology and small particles on the upper point is to ensure the performance under a variety of climatic conditions, the shoe the outsole is mainly black, and with a red and white spikes, which is designed to provide the ultimate grip and steering at high speed movement. The shoe will eventually launch FG, AG and SG three versions. Black Nike air max 90 magma Edition will retail for 210 dollars. The shoe will be launched on September 2, which is a classic reproduction! Its design is based on the 2005 launch of the first Nike Air Legend Tiempo football shoes, then commercials “Crossbar” is the first chapter in the history of over a million Youtube hits of video, which can be described as a sensation in the year while. This is the classic Nike created its irreplaceable place in history, will be indelible. As before the presentation again, Tiempo “Touch of Gold” with a full white upper, with gold detail and decoration. This pair of elegant and stylish football shoes, it is the exclusive Ronaldinho. Its outsole design can definitely boarded the headlines. The elegant font attract people’s attention, and the gradient of the design is the perfect interpretation of the definition.