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As the world’s largest sports brand, Nike for the quadrennial Olympic Games is obviously the focus of this marketing year. This year’s Rio, Nike marketing theme to “do not believe the limit”, intended to encourage its athletes, each visit Rio the athletes, each a real concern the movement of people in the process of movement, in competitive sports contest the unnecessary break. Since the Olympic schedule reasons, major items of the first half of the main swimming, therefore, Nike’s marketing focus will be in the second half, the project was mainly after the second half of the major items of athletics and into the second half and even more exciting big ball knockout football and basketball programs. Proposed limits do not believe such a positive energy theme, of course, Nike own a proper example. The eve of the opening of the Olympic Games,cheap nike air max flyknit, Nike has brought the newest Air Max 1 Ultra Flyknit. Emphasizing sports and fashion of both the Air Max series introduced Flyknit materials and weaving techniques, this is Nike to set itself no small challenge. Flyknit materials, polyester yarn is a root from a particular weaving technology, made uppers. Which material is a little obvious, excellent elasticity, there is strength, wear resistance is also good, and weave the way, make sure the shoes breathability. Such materials and the Air Max binding, need to include an excellent match various parts of uppers, soles. “We designed a pair of shoes is usually a period of about 18 months, these shoes are far better than other shoes design cycle is longer, basically reached a two and a half to three years, the way it is this pair of shoes is a very special case “shoe designer Ben YUN introduced the Road,” Flyknit materials and weaving techniques from four years ago relatively mature, and used in a variety of shoes, this time, we decided to take from the beginning of design incorporated into it Air Max series. “Ben YUN brought on from the design drawings can be seen weaving materials and techniques used to make Air Max, Nike has done a lot to try and improve. In the past, a plurality of shoes Air Max series, for foot wide Asians wearing not comfortable, but after the introduction of Flyknit, flexible material which is better, so that the new Air Max 1 Ultra Flyknit able to fit each a man dressed, both comfort during exercise, can bring comfort for everyday wear, but also taking into account the stylish beauty Air Max series has always been. Ben YUN said: “The history of this prototype shoe has been a long, itself from the fashion point of view, we have been very successful in the design, just put more new materials, new technologies into the inside to make it more perfect we are. pay attention to keep this series fashion, men’s shoes and women’s shoes also have different lines of shoes slimmer, appear to be more seductive. “currently, Flyknit technology has been widely used in Nike running shoes, training shoes, basketball shoes and Air Max series, this time the Air Max 1 Ultra Flyknit is the technology first introduced Air Max series, Nike completed to their challenge, and now they will have to wait, that is, the market feedback on this shoe.