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Outsourced production process was also included in the list Research Park. The significance of this study is that, as more and more competitors in imitation Nike’s marketing, advertising style, how Nike products to market faster become tricky. Production process just like other traditional shoe industry of industrial production, labor and technology were not much of a breakthrough, “fast fashion” is to speed up the production speed, speed has become an extremely important challenge. Even if the new material invention or design style, how much more excited how thoughtful, advertising and marketing plan, the entire footwear production chain is still in the pipeline control hands sewing speed – usually a pair of shoes has more than twenty-five site requires sewn together.

Nike moment has invented the “injection process”, which is a kind of “dip dish filled with different liquids, then the laser, digital segmentation method of manufacturing a shoe” technology. Parker’s thinking is that once the full automatic production, “outsourcing” era may be coming to an end, the change rate of Nike products will be significantly ahead of the opponent. As the speed of fascination, he had founded had a unique competition in the Nike, who dictate the outcome is not the fastest, not who runs the oldest, but who finish the course on their own time to estimate the most accurate, those of their cognitive ability was the most knowledgeable people will be victorious.